Space Available will launch an exclusive 1/12 edition self-assembly stool at Dover Street Market Singapore on the first weekend of February. 

To celebrate the launch, 12 selected visitors will be able to create their own custom version of the stool that can be applied in a collaborative workshop through a hands-on learning experience.

 The workshop will open with a brief theoretical session, and then transition into an interactive experience. Participants will be able to pick from a range of colours, resulting in a distinctive and unique stool design exclusive to DSMS workshop attendees. 

This limited release of the stool will be available only at the workshop on 03.02.24.

The Space Available 'Self Assembly Stool' is designed with a focus on circularity and practicality, and crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic waste. Made entirely out of recycled ocean-bound plastics, the stool consists of only 5 pieces that fit together perfectly without any complicated tools or glue. The stool is fast and easy to assemble, disassemble, and can be easily recycled.

Limited to 12 workshop slots and 12 stools for the activation. Workshop is included with the purchase of a stool (£295). 
Payment for the stool will be at DSM on the day of the workshop.

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Your workshop slot will only be confirmed once you have received a confirmation email.


In addition to this workshop, Space Available & Dover Street Market Singapore have intricately designed an exclusive SA x DSMS collection 'Self Assembly Stool Design System', the printed graphics serves as a visual representation of self-assembly stool workshop.

Launching on 03.02.24

Exclusive for Dover Street Market Singapore. Available in extremely limited quantities.

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