“The recent studies on plastics and human health are alarming. They have revealed that plastics are polluting our inner worlds – our lungs, our blood, the placentas of our unborn children. The long-term repercussions of this remain unknown.”

'Plastic People' is a Space Available art project exploring the story of synthetic plastics, their influence on consumer culture, the planet and our health, and how the design and art industries can help create circular systems that challenge destructive linear thinking.

It was the first project that was exhibited at MoSa. We will be taking the exhibition on the road from 2024 with dates soon to be announced.

The Plastic People digital art has been printed onto a limited edition Tencel shirt, delving into the narrative of synthetic plastics and the 'waste' culture. Limited 1/24 edition, and the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will contribute to the new SA recycling center in Bali.