Our materials are thoughtfully brought together using traditional techniques such as hand-weaving, hand-dying, and hand-sewing, thereby preserving an authentic artisan character.

Additionally, we offer a repair and recycling service for all Space Available products. This ensures our goods are kept within the circulatory system, preventing unnecessary production and overconsumption. 

Our intention is that none of our products will end up as waste.


The traditional technique of manual weaving still holds many possibilities in the modern world despite the increase of automation technology. Our exploration of the weaving arts began in 2020 with the Woven Artisanal Chair – a piece created in collaboration with Balinese artist Nano Uhero, which combines traditional craft methods with materials made from waste-plastics, and progressive design. 

The Woven Artisanal Chair became a catalyst for even more woven pieces – furnishings, speakers and accessories, alike. Like the Woven Artisanal Chair, these works come courtesy of the Space Available Studios design team and the hands of Nano Uhero and his artisans. They are made from recycled plastic rope, crafted into thoughtful objects inspired by the concept of “making space”.

Through the presentation of more and more radical weaving works, Space Available hopes to encourage the fusion of traditional, futuristic and ecologically-minded practices.


Chemical textile dyes are known to be harmful to people, animals, plants, our waterways, and the ecosystem.

We explore plant-based dyes as ecological colouring agents from the past, for the future. 

Our garments are skillfully dyed by artisans with local plants such as mango, ketapang, mahogany, indigo leaves, and sappan wood bark to reduce the use of toxic synthetic alternatives. 

Our plant-dyed textiles are made possible by Tarum Bali Sejahtera.


Our artisan stitch is a reminder of the manual craft that goes into textile production. Beyond aesthetics, the artisanal hand stitch symbolises our commitment to bridge tradition and modernity, inspiring an appreciation for the stories behind each piece and fostering a deeper connection with your garments and the environment.

Each one of Space Available collections is a collaborative effort, joining the skill of artisans with our contemporary design approach.


In our exploration of circular design, Space Available Studios delves into the craft of upcycling, redefining the potential of materials and challenging conventional perceptions of waste. We source off-cuts and end-of-roll pieces destined for landfill and rework them within our upcycling lab. Upcycling is not merely a process; it's a commitment to viewing every item as a valuable raw material with inherent potential. Our approach not only creates new life from discarded objects but also significantly extends the product lifespan.


Space Available Studios champions the fundamental craft of recycling as a cornerstone for circular design. Recycling, an elemental practice, involves the transformative reprocessing of waste materials into new, purposeful products—an essential step towards closing the loop in our consumption cycle. 

Our recycled plastic hardware has become a staple material in our collections. Beyond just being a material choice, it is a symbol for the potential of waste and a reminder that making space for a circular future can only be achieved through collaboration.


Next to recycling and upcycling, Space Available is continuously looking into the possibilities of new materials. Biodesign is an alternative solution to synthetic materials that combines the principles of biology and design.

We acknowledge that there is a continuous need for single-use plastics in our current society. But rather than continuing to produce those in a way that harms the environment we call for a paradigm shift.

Biodesign reimagines materials for (disposable) items in a way that prioritises human and environmental health. It's an innovative approach that transforms the design landscape, making use of biological systems' regenerative capabilities to create ecologically responsible solutions.

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