Siwilai Radical Club

Over 5 tons of recycled orange plastic was used in the project, using locally sourced waste. Bringing our ‘Radical Plastics’ ethos to Bangkok ♻️

The project was approached very much as a brand collaboration, with a mission to amplify circularity in Bangkok using culture as the vehicle of change.

Concept design, brand strategy, architectural / interior design direction and product design by Space Available Studio in collaboration with Siwilai.

Architecture by Patisandhika, Discotheque by Devon Turnbull
Dining Room by JBL4350
Branding, digital design & art direction by Anti Fragile Studio

Earth Island

Brand strategy and architectural concept design. The project is built entirely  from natural materials such as rammed earth, reclaimed wood and Ijuk grass. 

Radical Living Structure

Counter Culture Living in the 21st century.

Inspired by the DIY modular approach of Ken Isaacs ‘Living Structures’ (1974).

Low impact, modular and self-sufficient. Interchangeable from global locations for new nomadic living. Move and leave no footprint on the land.

An inter-connective link allows people to swap homes easily when traveling.

A 'waste to energy' system. Off-grid and self-sufficient within a community-led ‘back to the land regenerative system.

Made from recycled plastic and bio-based structure. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

The project is a collaboration with the architects of Sidarta and Sandjaja.

Museum of Space Available

‘Archiving Future Possibilities’

The Museum of Space Available (MOSA) is a new world gallery and circular design centre. Located physically in Bali, Indonesia. Connected globally through a Web 3.0 ecosystem.

MOSA is a platform for archiving future possibilities. It showcases the works of Space Available Studios and a community of artists, designers and scientists specialising in bio-innovation, radical recycling, upcycling and future craft.

The space also houses an Upcycling Bar and Recycling Stations offering free repair services for all space available customers, keeping our goods within a circular system.

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