artisanal woven chair

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  • What is the story behind the artisanal woven chair?

    Our exploration of the artisanal woven chair  began in 2020 with the Meditation Chair – a piece created in collaboration with Balinese artist Nano Uhero, which combines traditional craft methods with materials made from waste-plastics, and progressive design. 

    Through the presentation of more and more radical weaving works, we hope to encourage the fusion of traditional, futuristic and ecologically-minded practices, paving a pathway for a more balanced world.

  • What are artisanal woven chair made of?

    Our artisanal woven chair are made from recycled plastic rope, then intricately hand-woven around a rattan frame. No two chairs are the same. This results in a collection of truly unique pieces that tell a story of their own and reflect the dynamic qualities of artisanal craftsmanship and the natural world.

  • How do artisanal woven chairs serve as a symbol of preserving traditional Indonesian craft practices while addressing the challenges posed by the rapid mechanisation of the modern design?

    We use traditional craft with ecological materials ‘future craft’. Our artisanal woven chairs are a vessel for the preservation of traditional Indonesian craft practices – a statement, if you like, on the rapid mechanisation of the modern design universe and how it is indeed possible to keep human spirit, culture and creativity in the equation when it comes to creating products for the future.

  • Why our artisanal woven chairs are made by order?

    Because of the artisanal nature of the production process, our artisanal woven chair  is crafted in limited numbers, each chair takes 2 weeks to make. Relaying the idea that less is more when it comes to our art sculpture.