Space Available x Dover Street Market Singapore

Space Available installed a collaborative pop-up with Dover Street Market Singapore to introduce the exclusive edition of their 'Self Assembly Stool' in black and white colours along with SA x DSMS special collection. The Space Available 'Self Assembly Stool' is designed with a focus on circularity and practicality, and crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic waste. Made out of 1282 recycled ocean-bound bottle caps, the stool consists of only 5 pieces that fit together perfectly without any complicated tools or glue. The stool is fast and easy to assemble, disassemble, and can be easily recycled.

The product and workshop event launch took place at Dover Street Market Singapore on 3rd of February 2024. Space Available provided an interactive hands-on workshop session hence the participants were able to customised their own self assembly stool. 

The exclusive black and white stools and SA x DSMS collection are available to purchase only in Dover Street Market Singapore on February 2024.  



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