Radical Fungi at Museum of Space Available

“Our research and development of mycelium as a future material has opened our eyes to the power and possibilities that exist within nature. This case study has emerged from our conviction that the conscious use of biomaterials, such as fungi, that looks to be part of the solution to the damaging effects of consumerism, over-consumption and our overall disconnect from the natural world.” 

Case Study 02: Radical Fungi is a Space Available research project that explores the potential of mycelium as an ecological material of the future. It is the second Space Available case study to be exhibited at MoSa. 

Through it, we look at the history of fungi on Earth, how humans have interacted with it for millenia, its medicinal properties, its communicative powers, its ecological importance and its modern applications as a design material. 

Our research includes the works of mycologists, scientists, designers, authors, traditional wisdom keepers and modern-day mycelium innovators, alike. The intention behind this

extensive deep-dive into the fungal universe, is to further amplify how mycelium can have a monumental effect in creating a better future for both people and the planet. 

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