Circular Design Academy at Museum of Space Available

The Space Available 'Circular Design Academy' is a new world educational institution, taking radical approach to circular design. The school is set to open its doors in Bali, yet has a global focus, offering immersive workshops around the world through a series of pop-up classes.

The school aims to provide a hands-on learning experience centered around nature's principles of regenerative and circularity. Championing the new radical movement of cultural circularity across upcycling, recycling, and biodesign.

Collaboration and experimentation are key elements of the school's creative approach. The Space Available 'Circular Design Academy', explores new materials and takes a systems-thinking methodology in learning circular design.

The school includes a series of workshops, talks, and seminars. With a bio-centric design approach, the school aims to design for a better world for both people and the planet.


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